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Real ID Requirement Gets Pushed Back a Year

Real ID
One key difference between the Real ID and a regular Driver's License is the star, surrounded by a circle in the top right corner.

Virginians now have an additional year to get the REAL ID, before federal identification changes take effect in American airports. 

The time frame to apply and get the REAL ID has been extended until October 2021 due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The original deadline was set for this October.  

This identification card will be required for anyone who wants to fly domestically or enter secure federal buildings. 

The extension was issued because many states issue REAL IDs through the Department of Motor Vehicles, which are now closed or operating with limited staff due to the health emergency.

The Virginia DMV estimates that about 1.3 million Virginians have already obtained a REAL ID.  About the same number of people are expected to get it before federal enforcement begins next year. 



Ian M. Stewart previously was the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.
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