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VCU Infectious Disease Expert Recommends Face Masks

Face mask sitting on table
Even rudimentary masks can prevent transmission of coronavirus. (Photo by Charles Fishburne/VPM)

Dr. Richard Wenzel, an expert in infectious diseases at VCU Health, says wearing face masks is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Wenzel is chair emeritus and professor of the Department of Internal Medicine who has extensive experience dealing with the spread of infectious diseases. He explains even the most rudimentary masks can protect the wearer.

"To protect yourself and others, the mask actually would do an effective job of stopping the larger droplets that are thought to be most important in transmission," Wenzel said.

He says those larger droplets can spray beyond six feet, and even a modest mask can help stop it;  they can stop infections from people who don’t have symptoms and they can help keep your hands off your face.

VCU Health has advice on wearing and cleaning masks on their news center page.

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