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Golfers Tee Off Despite Stay-at-Home Order

Man golfing
The governor's stay-at-home order does not cover outdoor activity in small groups.

The stay-at-home order signed by Gov. Ralph Northam has exceptions for outdoor recreation in small groups, which includes those who want to play golf. According to the Virginia Golf Association about 90% of courses remain open, though most have adopted changes to comply with social distancing.

"Most all have increased the intervals for the tee times", said Matt Smiley, executive director of the Virginia Golf Association, "On the clubhouse side it's about 50-50 with clubhouses either being fully closed or opened in some capacity."

Many restaurants have switched to take-out or laid off employees, while others are distributing masks, maintaining six feet of distance and disinfecting regularly.

Smiley says the VGA has about 65,000 members who have no intention of giving up golf: "They are staying busy but not overcrowded because of the measures they have taken to keep safety a priority."

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