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Metro Richmond Zoo Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The Metro Richmond Zoo is celebrating 25 years - though the park is closed for the foreseeable future. (Photo courtesy: Metro Richmond Zoo)

The Metro Richmond Zoo celebrated its 25th anniversary this week. Instead of celebrating with visitors, the zoo posted a compilation video looking at how much has changed over the years.

The anniversary was bittersweet for  Metro Richmond Zoo’s owner Jim Andelin. He says the zoo has been closed since March 25. "When you have 50 employees and all the animals to feed, 2,000 animals, it is an extremely expensive operation," Andelin said.

All 38 full-timers are still at work, with about 20 part-time employees laid off. But Andelin says they’ve stocked up supplies and the animals are fine - and the past 25 years of hard work has been worth it. "Seeing the excitement and the fun I think is the most satisfaction I receive," he said.

Andelin is eager to reopen when it’s safe. He’s missed the visitors, who average 250,000 a year. And he says he thinks the animals do, too.

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