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VPM Audio Diaries: Last Students on Campus

Portrait photo of woman in front of blue door
Anjell Davis, a student at Virginia Union University, is one of the few students remaining on campus. (Photo courtesy: Anjell Davis)

Anjell Davis, a first-generation college student at Virginia Union University, reflects on what it’s like to be one of only a handful of students staying on campus.

This story is part of VPM’s Audio Diary Project, where Virginians are documenting their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Would you like to share your experiences with VPM? Email us at [email protected].

Special thanks to Dina Weinstein, radio production instructor at Virginia Union University. The diaries were a recent class assignment. Selected excerpts follow - listen to more of Anjell’s audio diaries here.


Wednesday, March 25

So this is day one of my quarantine diary. I am currently on campus because I'm a resident assistant, so I have to work. It's pretty boring. The only places we can go are to the cafeteria and back to our room, we're not allowed into anybody else's room. Getting on campus is hard. If you didn't sign up to stay on campus, you'll have to be turned away.

The online classes are going pretty well so far. A lot of work and assignments, but it's manageable. Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Friday, March 27

This is day three of my quarantine diary. And I went to the library today and they told me that I had to stay six feet apart from a student that was sitting at a computer. And they said that I had to keep my ID on me at all times. I still feel kind of trapped, but hopefully this thing blows over.

Saturday, March 28

So this is day four of my quarantine diary and I'm currently at work. More students are coming in to check out and move their stuff out to go home.

Tuesday, April 7

Anjell: So I'm outside of the Virginia Union University campus and I'm here with the DeAisha and she's one of the few students that are left on campus. DeAisha, how do you feel about students not being able to leave campus? 

DeAisha: If they're going to do that they should extend the caf (cafeteria) hours because we only have from 11:30 to 12:30 to get to the caf, and from 4 to 5:30 tickets to the caf and then they lock campus down at 8. Not all students have groceries in their room, so they need to get food.

Anjell: I definitely agree with all of that actually, thank you DeAisha.

DeAisha: Thanks, have a great day.

Wednesday, April 8

Right now I'm actually about to get ready for my online classes. Previously before this whole pandemic happened, I would be getting ready to actually physically go to my class, but since classes moved online because of the coronavirus, I have a zoom call and a few minutes. Campus is still very, very quiet.
Wednesday, April 15

I am officially bored. I am bored and tired of being quarantined. I really just hope this lifts up quick. I just really want everything to open back up. I want to go out with my friends. I'm tired of this pandemic.

Monday, April 20

My name is Anjell and I'm a student at Virginia Union University and today's topic is going to be self care. We have so much time on our hands that we can now do what we need to do to heal our body to help our body to relax our minds. Some advice for today would be to do something for you. Do something that's gonna relax you. I'm Anjell Davis reporting. Have a great day.

Megan Pauly reports on early childhood and higher education news in Virginia
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