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VPM Daily Newscast: May 1, 2020

Bird's nest on asphalt
VPM listener Kathryn DiPasqua sent in this photo of a bird's nest she found, with this reflection: "I saw this nest while I was walking a few days ago. It felt like a metaphor for how I feel sometimes these days: disconnected, lost, out of my element." (Photo: Kathryn DiPasqua)

During the coronavirus outbreak, VPM is running a daily newscast of our reporting, hosted by Benjamin Dolle. Episodes are recorded at 6 p.m. and released for 7 a.m. the next day, Tuesday through Friday.

In today's newscast:

  • Judge rules that Gold's Gym is a gym - and must abide by Gov. Ralph Northam's executive order closing non-essential businesses.
  • Virginians restless as spring begins.
  • New unemployment claims high, but still on a downward trajectory.
  • Nearly 200 GRTC employees are being tested for COVID-19, but internal communications have been a challenge for the three people in human resources who had to coordinate their schedules and respond to concerns.
  • A white man from Florida plead guilty to charges that he used threats of violence to intimidate a Black man into withdrawing his bid for elected office in Charlottesville.
  • The University of Virginia Health System announced preliminary results that suggest the drug remdesivir could help treat COVID-19.
  • VPM legal reporter Whittney Evans talked about her recent reporting on incarcerated people - a vulnerable population during the pandemic - with senior editor Catherine Komp.

If you have a photo that speaks to what you're experiencing under the coronavirus outbreak, please  send it to us with a note about what the image means to you.

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