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Richmond Moving Companies Taking COVID-19 Precautions

Cavalier Moving Company workers
Movers with Cavalier Moving Company in Richmond have started taking sanitary precautions in the face of the pandemic. (Photo: Josh Wright)

*VPM News intern Alan Rodriguez Espinoza reported this story.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to slow down or come to a halt completely. But for local moving companies, the busy summer season is looking like business as usual, and working from home is not an option.

“I like to say my guys are in the front lines, helping people get their stuff moved,” said Joshua Haber, one of the owners of Bold Moving and Storage in Richmond. 

Haber says many of the cleaning and sanitation guidelines that have come with the pandemic are the norm in his industry, but the company is making adjustments to increase safety for workers and customers alike. 

“We’d disinfect our trucks after every single day at the end of the day, but now we’re having to do it after every single move,” he said

Cavalier Moving Company, another Richmond-based company, says they’ve put in place similar sanitation measures. 

“All of our trucks are stocked with hand sanitizer for the movers to use liberally throughout the move,” said owner Josh Wright. “Along with that, every mover wears one-time use gloves for each move and disposes of the after.”

Both companies say April is usually the start to the busy season -- but it was slower than usual this year. Now, they say business is picking up as more people plan to move throughout the summer.

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