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Another Tense Standoff Before Police Fire Chemical Agents at Protesters

Police and protesters
(Video: Coleman Jennings/VPM News)


For a second  night in a row, police in Richmond attacked demonstrators with pepper spray and tear gas. Video captured by VPM shows a line of protesters, some with their hands up, standing before officers in riot gear. One officer stepped through the line of police and threw an explosive device directly into a group of demonstrators.

Police shot more chemical agents - as protesters started backing away. Video captures one officer shooting a projectile at a protester just feet away whose hands were up - he doubles over, then staggers away. As more projectiles and tear gas are shot by police, a dispersal order is given over a loudspeaker.

Protesters had varying explanations for what they believe caused police to respond with crowd control weapons. Some said officers started shooting rubber bullets when a protester used a laser pointer. Richmond police had already set up a perimeter around the block with dump trucks and caution tape, in response to a similar protest the night before.

Richmond Police have not yet responded to Monday’s use of force.

*Catherine Komp and Whittney Evans contributed to this report.

VPM News is the staff byline for articles and podcasts written and produced by multiple reporters and editors.
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