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Biden’s Lead over Trump Widens Among Virginia’s Likely Voters

Headshots of candidates
(Composite: Official White House portraits of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.)

Democrat Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump in Virginia has widened in the final Wason Poll released this week. 

Biden’s lead is now 53 to 41% according to Research Director Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo:  “Joe Biden leads President Trump by 12 points among Virginia likely voters.”

She said in in the September survey, he led by five, but “since that poll, the focus had shifted primarily to COVID 19, an issue that President Trump has struggled with.”

As to Biden’s advantage, she said it is built on the usual Democratic coalition of Black, college-educated voters and women:  “Biden is doing particularly well among women, with 60% indicating support for Biden while 38% support President Trump.  Male voters are split with 46% showing support for Biden to 45% for Trump.  And this is actually, traditionally a demographic that has been supportive of the president, so this does show some loss for the president among this group.”    

The poll also shows Democratic Senator Mark Warner with a 20-point lead over Republican challenger Daniel Gade, and strong support for the redistricting amendment. 

As for their concerns, she said  “Voters are saying that COVID 19 is the most important issue for the next president at 29%, followed by the economy at 21% and health care at 13%.  To round out the top five issues, we’ve got 11 percent of Virginia voters mentioning racial inequality and six percent saying climate change.”

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