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Chesterfield Elects Chair, Vice Chair to Supervisors Board

Jim Holland
Dale District supervisor JIm Holland was elected the new chair of the Board of Supervisors. Holland is shown here at an earlier meeting. (Photo: Ian Stewart/VPM News)

Dale district Supervisor Jim Holland was elected as chair of the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday. Holland replaces Leslie Haley.

This will be Holland’s second time in the seat; his last term was in 2014. He also served as vice chair in 2010. Holland, who is the lone Democrat on the board, began his fourth term of four years last January.  Holland also worked under both Gov. Bob McDonnell and Gov. Terry McAuliffe, serving on the Virginia Board of Accountancy from 2013 to 2017. 

In addressing his reelection, Holland said the entire board has an opportunity to serve others in the community. And he listed items he’d like their cooperation on, including enhancing communication between the public safety departments and the community. 

“I want to enhance regional cooperation and collaboration amongst our neighbors. We have tremendous opportunities in this region of about a million people to really transform this area to be a shining site--a shining hill, if you will, for others to view,” Holland said.

Most recently, Holland worked to help pass the Courthouse Landing project in his district, a residential and retail development close to the Chesterfield Airport.

Clover Hill district Supervisor Chris Winslow was elected as vice-chair, replacing first time supervisor Kevin Carroll. Winslow, is in his second term of four years.

Each chair position lasts for one year and both are paid a stipend on top of their normal supervisor’s salary. The base salary for supervisors is $38,880 this year, including  a 2% merit increase that goes into effect Jan.23. As chair, Holland will get an additional $5000 while Winslow will receive $2500.

As the supervisors start the new year, the pandemic continues to be front and center, affecting all aspects of county life, from schools to revenue streams garnered from areas such as sports tourism.

However, not all news is bad news in the county. In his recent “ State of the County” address, Administrator Joe Casey said over half of county services have returned and the region has a $54 million surplus, part of which went to raises for all public safety staff.

One of the first tasks for the reelected chairs will be to oversee the adoption of next year’s budget.

Wednesday’s brief meeting also included the adoption of the year’s meeting schedule and the appointment of supervisors to committees, such as the Audit and Finance Committee and the Liaison committee between the board and the school district. 

The Board of Supervisors first full meeting of the year is Wednesday, Jan. 27.


Ian M. Stewart previously was the transportation reporter and fill-in anchor for VPM News.
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