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Henrico Moves Closer Towards Arena Development

Best Products Headquaters in Henrico County.
A bird's-eye view of Best Products in Henrico, a potential site for GreenCity. (Courtesy Green City LLC)

Henrico’s Board of Supervisors moved one step closer toward a $2.3 billion arena development Tuesday night.

The board agreed  to transfer a piece of property near the intersection of Interstate-95 and East Parham Road to its economic development authority. The EDA plans to sell the property to the company behind the new GreenCity development.

Susan Eastridge and Michael Hallmark came to Henrico last year envisioning an arena, thousands of housing units and commercial and park space in Henrico’s Fairfield district.

This month’s hearings are the first of many which will be soliciting public input. Last Thursday, county administrators met with Fairfield residents to address some of their concerns. 

Resident Colin Birney asked the county’s leadership about the burden GreenCity might bear on  taxpayers. Henrico’s County Manager John Vithoulkas gave his assurance that taxpayers would not be asked to finance the development.

“This is an economic development project, a private project. At the end of the day, the county will not own an arena. It will not manage an arena,” Vithoulkas said. “Ultimately, this is part of what the developers will bring forward.”

Other residents raised concerns about road improvements, property value increases, noise and access to amenities. 

Moving forward, Fairfield representative Frank Thornton says he aims to host more meetings for his constituents. On Tuesday, Thornton praised the project.

“Mr. Chairman this is really a visionary move for the county and it gives me a great privilege to say move the resolution,” Thornton said.

While there was no public comment at this meeting, the county plans to give residents additional opportunities to provide input as the planning continues.

Lyndon German covers Henrico and Hanover counties for VPM News.
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