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Sen. Kaine Addresses Impeachment and COVID-19 Relief

FILE PHOTO: Craig Carper/VPM News

COVID-19 relief and impeachment are at the top of Sen. Tim Kaine’s priorities. On Thursday, Kaine spoke with reporters on his plans to address them.

Earlier this month, the Biden administration announced a robust $900 billion assistance package to Congress. The relief bill includes funding for stimulus checks, extended unemployment benefits, vaccine distribution and more.

As Congress debates this piece of legislation, Kaine said he empathizes with the public’s frustration. And as a member of the Senate Budget Committee, is looking at paths to provide more immediate support, whether it be through a bipartisan solution or budget reconciliation.

“My goal -- and this is again goals one through five --- are to continue to provide the resources necessary to help us have a health uplift and an economic uplift and ultimately a happiness uplift,” Kaine said.

Kaine is confident in the Biden administration’s ability to fill in the gaps when it comes to vaccine distribution. Kaine is also looking at ways to provide frontline workers with mental health support as the pandemic rages.

On impeachment, Kaine said he plans to submit a bill condemning President Donald Trump for his role on the attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

The resolution would highlight the 14th Amendment which disqualifies people who’ve engaged in an insurrection or an attack on the United States from holding public office.

“We have to protect our own institutions,” Kaine said. “And if we don’t protect our own institutions, who will protect them?

Kaine plans on introducing the resolution in addition to the formal impeachment process currently underway. Congress is set to begin impeachment hearings in just a few weeks.


Lyndon German is VPM News' reporter covering Henrico and Hanover counties. As a Mechanicsville native and graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, he hopes to bring a firsthand perspective of the challenges each locality faces.