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Daniel Vosovic: Hats Off to Alice (and to Eskimos)

Daniel's Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland costumes!
Daniel's Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland costumes!

Season Two's Daniel Vosovic will be as mad as a hatter this Halloween with his Alice-in-Wonderland themed costume. But when he was a kid, he took any chance he could to be a superhero.

"I remember wearing this ridiculous Superman costume," he says. "I think I probably first got it when I was four and continued to wear it until I was eight or nine. So the sleeves came up to my elbows and the pants came up to my calves, but I didn't care."

For trick-or-treaters who aren't into Lewis Carroll, Daniel suggests a northern exposure.

"An Eskimo outfit is really cute and really easy to make," he says. "If you go to a fabric store, there's always cost-efficient fake fur. Cut out two rectangles and sew up on each side to make a vest. Add booties, cuffs and a hat."

Mad Hatter

1. Wear a top hat. Place a playing card in the brim.

2. Find a cheap old blazer and take it to a tailor to add piping -- it's very cheap and very noticeable.

3. Use a big piece of scrap fabric for a bow tie.

Alice in Wonderland

1. Put an oversized floppy bow in your hair.

2. Take a white apron and place over a full dress.

3. To make it extra youthful, add ankle socks!

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