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Nick Verreos: Rapper and Pirate Flavor

Nick's Flava Flav Costume!
Nick's Flava Flav Costume!
Nick's <em> Pirates of the Caribbean</em> outfits!
Nick's Pirates of the Caribbean outfits!

Season Two's Nick Verreos, winner of the prestigious Barbie challenge, turned to another pop icon as his Halloween muse.

"I was at a reality awards show event and rapper Flava Flav and his crew were there," he says. "I thought about it and I thought, 'there are going to be so many people dressing up as him.' "

To make your own Flava Flav costume, Nick suggests purchasing a "pimp daddy" suit.

"It would have to be in a purple or red color," he says. You would also need to add a large necklace.

And don't forget the Viking hat!

"That was made famous when Flava Flav was dating a Danish supermodel in his original show," says Nick. "And of course, you need the big, big clock he's famous for –- you can pick that up at a toy shop. Hang it around your neck. And then add a fun pair of glasses. Kind of ZZ Toppish."

If you're dressing as Flava-Flav's lady friend, think big.

"Get your hairspray and start spraying," says Nick. "This is not a librarian. Think opposite of librarian. Very short mini-dress made out of spandex. At least four to five inch heels. And make [the dress] tight. If you normally wear a medium, buy a small. We need to see curves."

If the Flava Flav costume can't do nothing for you, man, Nick suggests a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. That's what he has in mind for his 5-year-old niece Casia and 11-year-old nephew Alain. These sketches are dedicated to them.

"Buy a pirate hat and get a red scarf –- or cut a piece of red cotton as a scarf," he says. "Buy a fake sword and add some boots (from a thrift store). The boy can wear his jeans and tuck them into his boots. This is a really economical costume –- the boots, the hat, and the sword shouldn't cost more than 25 bucks."

For Pirates heroine Elizabeth, Nick says repurpose an old wedding dress.

"Customize it," he suggests. "The mother can take that old 1980s wedding dress and [pin it up into] a little mini-me version. You thought you'd never use that tacky 1980s wedding dress again –- well, think again!"

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