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Nora Caliguri: From Ocean Waves to Radio Waves

Nora's "shipwrecked mom" and "child pirate" costumes!
Nora's "shipwrecked mom" and "child pirate" costumes!

Season One's Nora Caliguri will masquerade as a "shipwrecked woman" for Halloween. Her boyfriend will dress as a pirate. For our challenge, she adapted the outfits for a mother and child. For landlubbers, she has included a costume well-suited for NPR listeners: a radio.

"Shipwrecked" Mom

1. Pin a toy sailboat in your teased hair.

2. Stick plastic fake seaweed (sold in pet stores that carry fish) in your hair.

3. Buy thick rope at a hardware store. Use it to make a long necklace.

4. For that shipwrecked look, buy a cheap vintage men's vest; rip and shred it. Do the same to an old skirt.

5. Use fabric glue or doublestick tape to attach pennies or fake gold coins to sheer tights.

6. Wrap regular boots with twill tape (flat, woven ribbon, sold at fabric stores).

7. Attach as many pieces of seaweed, rope, coins and fake plastic fish to your outfit as possible.

"The (Child) Pirate Who Found Treasure"

1. Wear a bandana around your head.

2. Wear a white oversized collared shirt.

3. Don't forget an eye patch.

4. Place a plastic gold fake crown on your head. (The gaudier the better!)

5. Wear lots of fake plastic costume gold and gem jewelry.

6. If you have a cummerbund, put it around your waist.

7. Spray paint black fabric-paint stripes on white sweatpants.

8. Make sure to pick up boots and a sword.

9. Attach as many (fake!) gold coins to the pirate as you can to make it look as if he or she just stumbled upon a treasure.

Radio Costume

Nora was a hot-pink radio in 1994. Unfortunately, she says, pictures are not available of her in this costume.

1. Choose a color for your radio.

2. Wear a matching long-sleeve top and pink tights.

3. Take a rectangular box (roughly two feet by two feet by five feet).

4. Paint the box the color of your choice. Use a black market to add speakers and buttons.

5. Cut holes out of the top, side and bottom for your head, arms and legs. Climb in.

6. Put a battery-powered radio inside the box and blast your favorite station. (Please pick an NPR member station!)

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