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Wendy Pepper: A Recipe for the Perfect Little Witch

Wendy's Witchy Witch Costume!
Wendy's Witchy Witch Costume!

Season One's Wendy Pepper believes that costumes should consist of found and/or recycled materials as much as possible. She also tries to incorporate steps that let her seven-year-old daughter, Finley, put her own creative stamp on the project. Note: Children should not dare to make this costume on their own.

Witch Hat:

Ingredients: Newspaper, glue, balloon, petroleum jelly.

1. Tear newspaper into strips.

2. Mix glue and water to the consistency of thin cream.

3. Blow the balloon up to the size of your head.

4. Put a thin smear of petroleum jelly over the balloon so the mache doesn't stick to it.

5. Place the strips of newspaper onto the balloon in a cross pattern.

6. Apply the paste.

7. Repeat this process in layers until you get the desired shape.

Note: The hat may take a few days to dry before you can paint it. To help your creation last longer, seal it with varnish or acrylic sealing spray after painting it.

Witchy Jewelry:

1. Ingredients: Any combination of cardboard toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls or the cardboard center from wrapping paper.

1. Spray paint the tubes any color -- though witches prefer using glow-in-the-dark paint.

2. After the tubes dry, use kitchen scissors to cut a continuous strip of cardboard 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide.

3. Wrap the cardboard around wrists and ankles for fun accents.

Witch Costume

Ingredients: old sheets, charcoal, rubber gloves, adhesive and sprinkle glitter, Sharpie pens, black pipe cleaners

1. Take the old sheets out on the lawn and burn holes in them.

2. Put on rubber gloves; rub the sheets with charcoal to make them look old and dirty. (You can also spritz the sheets with spray adhesive and sprinkle on glitter.)

3. Draw spider webs on the sheets using a black Sharpie pen. Stick bent, black pipe cleaners through the sheets to simulate spiders.


Ingredients: sticks, string, lights, mop or broom handle

1. Hunt for sticks. Country dwellers can ask for straw from a neighbor's barn.

2. Tie sticks or straw together with string.

3. String battery-operated lights through the sticks or straw.

4. Attach to a mop or broom handle.


Every witch needs an amulet to cast her special spell. Hunt for unusual rocks and place them in a velvet pouch. Gather the pouch together with a string.

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