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Fantasy Congress: I'll Trade You Pelosi for McCain

There are only 10,344 hours until the Iowa primaries. But if you're getting the political shakes, you might want to play Fantasy Congress -- just, you know, to take the edge off.

Created by four computer-science students at Claremont McKenna College, Fantasy Congress is the ultimate league for CSPAN groupies. Like fantasy basketball or football, Fantasy Congress is all about the strategy. Each player picks a team consisting of 16 members of Congress, spread out along the political seniority spectrum. Only two senior senators are allowed. You win points when your legislators introduce bills in their chambers, vote on the floor and obtain approval by committee in the opposite chamber.

Don't load your team with too many Pelosis! In this league (as in the real world), it's best to go bipartisan. And if you want to give up Tammy Baldwin, I'll trade you Marilyn Musgrave and two future reps of your choice -- but only if it stays under my salary cap.

To maintain political neutrality, Melody Joy Kramer (see above item for bio details) will not divulge who's playing on her Fantasy Congress team.

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Melody Joy Kramer