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Evidence Not Released on Iran Activity in Iraq


Now, here's a lesson of what we learned from what public officials do not say. Yesterday on this program, we heard American diplomat, Nicholas Burns. He accused Iran of helping to kill American soldiers in Iraq. But Burns did not offer evidence of any specific case, like a recent attack in Karbala.

Mr. NICHOLAS BURNS (Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs): That was a despicable event. And we did lose five young Americans in that attack. We don't know who is responsible, that's under investigation.

INSKEEP: Are you looking at Iran?

Mr. BURNS: You know, Steve, it's hard to say. I don't want to say anything that would be inaccurate.

INSKEEP: What Burns did not say could be as revealing as what he did. The U.S. had been promising to release proof of Iran's activities, but yesterday, those plans were put off. Last night on ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, our correspondent, Michele Kelemen, told us there are questions about the strength of the evidence against Iran. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.