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Chief Illiniwek Retired and Sea Lion Sonar Employed


Also in this week's news, several dozen dolphins and sea lions trained to use their extraordinary sonar to detect undersea mines or invaders may be sent to patrol a naval base in the Puget Sound. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals object, not because they consider it cruel but because they say dolphins and sea lions are easily distracted and unreliable. Why don't they just work for the airlines?

Robert Adler has died. In 1956, he and fellow Zenith engineer Robert Polley invented the television remote control. He received his last patent on February 1st of this year at the age of 93. Sometimes you stand to salute someone. Robert Adler might have preferred that you stay in your seat and have another corn chip.

And finally, the University of Illinois is retiring Chief Illiniwek after 81 years. The school's war-whooping Indian mascot was considered defamatory by many in the NCAA had banned Illinois from playing tournament games. No word as to who the new Illinois mascot will be, or whether Michael Richards is giving them advice. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.