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Official Statement from Rep. William Jefferson

Congressional office
Alex Wong / Getty Images
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For National Public Radio-From the Office of Congressman William J. Jefferson (D-LA)

Congressman Jefferson has been and will continue to be a most effective legislator. His work on the recent supplemental appropriations measure has resulted in funding for levee repair and the rebuilding of elementary and secondary schools as well as area universities. Congressman Jefferson also worked on a provision in the supplemental that includes forgiveness of the Community Disaster Loans, which will save the City of New Orleans over $250 million.

He also worked to eliminate the duplication-of-benefits provisions that have greatly hampered the rebuilding process for scores of his constituents.

Congressman Jefferson's relationships with other members of Congress who want to play a significant role in the recovery of New Orleans and devastated communities along the Gulf Coast will not change. In a statement released yesterday, the Congressional Black Caucus said it supports "its esteemed colleague William Jefferson."

It's also noteworthy that Mr. Jefferson has served in Washington for the past 17 years, and has formed lasting friendships with numerous members, who will continue to side with him when he presents legislation to help the people of Louisiana's 2nd district.

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