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Jens Lekman Performs in NPR's Studio 4A

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Swedish indie-pop star Jens Lekman draws inspiration from some unlikely places for his latest album, Night Falls Over Kortedala — one quirky new track is about posing as his lesbian friend's boyfriend. But Lekman makes it work with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and carefully crafted sound.

The name of the album refers to a suburb outside of Lekman's hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. He describes Kortedala as a gloomy, boring town.

"It's a place I couldn't wait to get out of but a place I couldn't help but romanticize at the same time," he says.

Lekman performs songs from Night Falls Over Kortedala and takes questions from listeners about his work and his influences. Tammy Karlsson joins him on drums.

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