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Songs of Sadr: Partial Lyrics

"Sons of Sadr" by Mahdi al Aboodi

We are the sons of Sadr, they know us very well

The earth would be full of us if they only mess with us

Terrorism won't hinder us

As long as holy Imam Ali is our leader [Ali was the son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed and the founder of the Shiite strain of Islam]

No one would mess with the son of the lion [The "son of the lion" is Muqtada al Sadr; Sadr's father's nickname was "the Lion"]

We are the sons of Sadr on battlefields

We turn into volcanoes of anger when fighting starts

We fear no death

We head toward death


Once we are angry, difficulties will disappear

Our lives will be a cheap price for religion

He who is against us would see

Don't mess with us, we are sharp as swords


Our leader is immortal forever

Have you heard of a sheep messing with a lion?

Because we are proud of our leader forever

A sheep [Americans] can never approach a lion [Sadr]


No terrorism or the biggest al-Qaida would stop us

If only Muqtada would point with his right finger

In the face of all takfiris [impious Muslims]

As sharp as swords we will be


Holy Ali we won't be leaving the country, this is impossible

We and other sons will dismiss the occupation

We remind dictators of our "20th Revolution" [revolution against British rule in 1920]


"I Am the IED" by Baha el Suwaedi

I am the IED

If an armored vehicle passes, I will blow it up

If I get thirsty, I will drink blood from a Hummer

If an armored vehicle passes, it is suicidal

I will become a volcano if a soldier passes

And if a Hummer passes, I will erase it

If the IED will be added to the [rocket-propelled grenade] launcher, the battle day will be stormy

The IED rises with the ground and the Sadr love goes in my pulse

I will plant my eyes for the country

I will tighten my belt in the difficult days

The Hummer starts crying blood

Nobody can dry the Hummer blood

If the Hummer steps on me, we will reach the stars


"Taste the IED" by Ali Delfi

Taste the noble IED, taste it, taste it

See its terrifying blast, taste it, taste it

Taste it and feel its pain

And see what my fire can do, taste it, taste it

From a violent Sadrist hand

Taste it, taste it

Taste the new IED, taste it taste it

And then describe it to Bush [U.S. President George Bush] and his slaves

Taste it, taste it

And tell him [Bush] his army and his threats

Will burn like a house of reeds


Blair [the British ex-prime minister Tony Blair] has melted with his English men

To hell, they have been issued a visa

If you see Condoleezza [Rice, U.S. Secretary of State]

Tell her that they [Sadrists] saved one for her


You have seen my strength in battle

Spending my nights making IEDs

So do not dare me, do not face me

I'm a Sadrist, and my sword never breaks


Taste the honorable IED

Taste it, taste it

Taste it with your traitor

With the one who came with you, with your guide?

My and your strength is taken from Haidar's [Holy Imam Ali] strength

But America has no strength, it is weak


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