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Guns: Not Just for Men, Author Says

Though the culture of gun ownership in America is loaded with images of masculinity, women have also played a role in carrying on the tradition. Author Laura Browder chronicles the history of women and guns in her new book, Her Best Shot.

Browder discusses how women and guns have been represented in popular culture, and the influence of America's famous female gun owners like Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane.

She says that armed women have often been portrayed as overly sexual or addicted to violence, stereotypes that made it difficult for many women to embrace the sport or culture of gun ownership.

"The idea that women would enjoy shooting or be good at it kind of threatens our image of women as being peaceful, genteel, stay-at-home."

Browder explains the surprising ways women have defied these social taboos, complicating the culture of guns in America.

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