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Palin, Biden Prepare To Face Off In St. Louis

The vice presidential candidates are intensely preparing to debate each other Thursday night. Republican Sarah Palin has been practicing at John McCain's retreat in Arizona. Democrat Joe Biden is prepping near his home in Delaware.

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Mara Liasson
Mara Liasson is a national political correspondent for NPR. Her reports can be heard regularly on NPR's award-winning newsmagazine programs Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Liasson provides extensive coverage of politics and policy from Washington, DC — focusing on the White House and Congress — and also reports on political trends beyond the Beltway.
Ari Shapiro
Ari Shapiro has been one of the hosts of All Things Considered, NPR's award-winning afternoon newsmagazine, since 2015. During his first two years on the program, listenership to All Things Considered grew at an unprecedented rate, with more people tuning in during a typical quarter-hour than any other program on the radio.
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