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Songs For Joe Biden


Now, an addendum to one of yesterday's stories, a mash-up of the political and the musical. We brought you a sampling of songs that we found online about the presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates.


And we mentioned that we had a hard time finding any recent songs about Joe Biden. We did find one song, but it came from the primaries, when Senator Biden was still running for president.

SIEGEL: Well, we knew that you would come through for us. A couple of you wrote in to tell us about Biden songs that we somehow missed in our YouTube searches. Hellen Hohie (ph) is from Magnolia, Delaware, so Joe Biden is her senator, and she sent us a link to this song called "Joe Biden Blues." It's by a Delaware band called Nothin' But Trouble.

NOTHIN: (Singing) Delaware politician on every commission, a top foreign policy man. Chairs a mean inquisition and holds his position, got a memory like "Rain Man." When the man got a mission, got no competition, got all of his bucks in a row. He's a master tactician, you know, and his hair plugs hardly show. He's Joe Biden, baby, J-O-E-B-I-D-E-N.

BLOCK: And we should say right here that the band Nothin' But Trouble first wrote that song in 2006 but updated it for this election.

SIEGEL: They're not bad. And look out Obama Girl and McCain McCutie, someone has a got a crush on Joe Biden, too. The next song was sent to us by listener Lee Tardo (ph), an American citizen living in Japan. It is an ode that he wrote about the senator called 'Go Joe.'

LEE TARDO: (Singing) He's got blue-collar roots. He's got gray thinning hair. He's the sexiest creature from Delaware. He's got that real cute smile trusting eyes. And I know you, Biden, starts to plagiarize. I'm going to stop my high, my crush on you, John Biden.

BLOCK: I think this could be the next campaign song, Robert.

SIEGEL: Uh huh.

BLOCK: Tardo told us of all of his YouTube videos. This song, 'Go Joe,' is the least popular. Go figure. He writes, I guess people are just not interested in hearing songs about that handsome man from Delaware.

BLOCK: Well, maybe tonight's vice presidential debate will change all that, and then again, maybe not.

TARDO: (Singing) VP who will assume the American presidency. I'm going to stop hiding my crush on you, Joe Biden. I say, go, Joe, go, Joe, go Joe...

BLOCK: This is NPR, National Public Radio. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.