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That's It, I'm Moving: A Musical Guide To Canada

The nation's blowhards have just a few days left to indulge in a time-honored quadrennial tradition: announcing that, if a certain candidate is elected president, they will pull up stakes and move to Canada.

Regardless of political affiliation, these rants remain impressively consistent: "Are you kidding me? This country might actually elect [John McCain/Barack Obama] and that horrible [Sarah Palin/Joe Biden]? No way, man. No way. If that happens, I'm moving to Canada — forget it. At least they have [a conservative prime minister/lax enforcement of marijuana laws]."

Of course, there's more to Canada than its proximity to the U.S. and its residents' pronunciation of the word "about." There's also a musical legacy that's as rich, diverse and occasionally regrettable as our own.

Just as Canadian TV networks are required to program a percentage of "Canadian Content," American writers discussing Canadian music are required to make jokes about Bryan Adams. But they must also acknowledge the likes of Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young before fawning over these artists and many more.

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