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National Security Team To Be Unveiled


And the president-elect is naming more of the people he wants to run the federal bureaucracy. Senator Hillary Clinton is widely expected to become secretary of state. If confirmed, she would work with other key figures expected to be announced later this morning.


The ambassador to the United Nations is expected to be Susan Rice. The new secretary of state will know her, since Rice was a leading diplomat in her husband's administration, the Clinton administration. The White House national security adviser is expected to be a retired Marine Corps general. James Jones was an Obama adviser during the campaign.

MONTAGNE: And Mr. Obama will keep on for a while longer the current secretary of defense, Robert Gates. He's the man who oversaw the surge in Iraq. Now he'll be charged with bringing troops home from there or sending them to Afghanistan instead. Mr. Obama says he intends to end the war in Iraq, but the president-elect plans to increase American involvement in Afghanistan where the Taliban is growing in strength. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.