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Sweet Corn Chowder With Toasted Tortillas

Crisp, crunchy corn-gritty tortillas somehow always feel like a guilty pleasure. Having said that, I know only that guilty pleasures exist, but I have never seen the point of feeling guilty about pleasure. Rather, I see plenty of reason for feeling guilty about failing to take pleasure in things.

When I plan to make this, I tend to take a big pack of frozen corn out of the deep freeze at breakfast time, in readiness for a superquick, fantastically soothing, mellow-yellow and very pleasing supper that night.

Use whatever cheese you like; mostly I go for cheddar, because I always have some in the fridge. But I am happy about using up other bits and pieces. If children are eating, it's wise to omit the chiles — unless they're being very annoying.

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