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A Legal Odyssey

Jane and Bob Cull's legal battle over their home has lasted 13 years. Here, a timeline of events, based on the Culls' records:

April 1996
The Culls purchase a lot and sign a contract with Perry Homes to build a house in Mansfield, Texas.

October 1996
The Culls move into their new home on Walnut Creek Oaks golf course.

January 1997
The Culls write the first of 11 letters in 1997 alone to Perry Homes about home foundation movement and structural heaving.

July 1999
Warranty company Home of Texas takes over structural issues; agrees to cover foundation and roof framing system. In September, Perry Homes is named contractor for the warranty coverage.

June 2000
Perry Homes announces plan of repair complete.

July 2000
Realtor refuses to list Cull home for sale.

September 2000
Culls retain legal counsel.

November 2001
Culls seek arbitration.

December 2002
Arbitrator rules in favor of the Culls, awards $800,000 in compensatory and punitive damages, orders Perry Homes to retake ownership of house. Perry Homes appeals.

January 2004
District court confirms the arbitrator's award; Perry Homes appeals.

August 2005
Court of Appeals affirms trial court ruling in favor of Culls.

October 2005
Perry Homes appeals to the Texas Supreme Court.

May 2008
Texas Supreme Court sides with Perry Homes, returning the case to district court.

February 2009
Process begins anew.

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