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Afghanistan Compared To Vietnam

Journalists and experts from across the political spectrum have been considering possible parallels between the wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam. Here's a sampling.

Peter Baker, reporting for The New York Times: "Could Afghanistan Become Obama's Vietnam?"

Peter Bergen, senior fellow at the New America Foundation, in Washington Monthly: "Why Afghanistan Is Not Obama's Vietnam"

Juan Cole, president of the Global Americana Institute: "Is Afghanistan Vietnam Or Iraq? Arguing With Obama And Rubin"

George Packer, staff writer for The New Yorker: "The Last Mission"

Lewis Sorley, retired Army lieutenant colonel and author of A Better War, for The New York Times: "The Vietnam War We Ignore"

Bob Woodward, associate editor of The Washington Post, and Gordon M. Goldstein, author of Lessons In Disaster, for The Washington Post: "The Anguish Of Decision"

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