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Two Jonathan apples -- one baked and one fresh
Nancy Baggett for NPR

This old favorite dates to the early 19th century, likely from a New York or Connecticut Esopus Spitzenburg apple tree seedling. Its complex sweet-tart flavor comes through clearly, and it holds its red color, so it gets good ratings for taste and appearance. One drawback for those who prefer their baked apples large is that Jonathans are rarely more than medium-sized, 5 to 7 ounces each.

Tasting Notes: Holds dark red color and its shape well. Skin color permeates and gives the flesh a pinkish color. Good apple flavor; pleasantly firm flesh, not at all applesaucy. Skin slightly thick, but pleasant-tasting. (Note: The unbaked apples were not very crisp, so may have been past their prime.)

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