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Official Statement From The Makers Of Drank

"We live in a high-pace world and that, coupled with the current economic conditions that we are in, has created a society that is incredibly high-strung and stressed out. This is made worse by the way that we have all been spoon-fed energy drinks for years to help 'speed us up. I saw all of this and realized that there was need in the marketplace for something that will help us relax, de-stress, and as we like to say, 'slow our roll.' So using calming ingredients of melatonin, valerian root, and rose hips, mixed with a great grape flavor and light fizz, I [we] created drank, the first Extreme Relaxation beverage.

My belief that consumers needed a relaxation beverage on their store shelves has been proven correct as we have seen major success, as we are already a household name in many parts of the country. As the frontrunner and innovator in an entirely new category of beverages, we have started a new trend, in the industry and are seeing the category grow with scores of new products following our lead. We expect that this trend will continue as consumers continue to embrace relaxation and calm over frazzled and stressed."

Peter Bianchi, CEO Innovative Beverage and Creator of Drank

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