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Sting Like A Bee: A Kickboxing Workout Mix

John Gichigi
Getty Images Sport

It's hard to keep your cool when life's little annoyances start to pile up. Your boss doesn't appreciate you, your in-laws won't stop talking smack, the bus is late again and you've finally had enough. Your rage has been brewing for far too long, but before you explode into a Hulk-like tirade, channel your anger into a kickboxing workout with these hard-hitting, fast-paced songs. The club beats will get your heart pounding, but you're not stepping on the dance floor; you're getting in the ring.

It's time to turn up the volume, strap on the gloves and get to the punching bag, but don't just go flailing your limbs in the air. Keep your focus, visualize your target and strike. Execute your moves with control and power to show those punks exactly what you're made of. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Get cracking.

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Lindsay Sanchez