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Annihilating The Ivories: A Solo Piano Workout Mix

Every day, pianists hear sob stories from people who took lessons as a kid and then stopped. These former students almost invariably wish they'd continued. Some wish they could impress potential paramours with their mad skills, while others simply want to casually pinpoint piano music on television in front of friends. But they can't.

Then there are those who never learned piano at all. But don't fall apart if you suffer from this sad affliction: Even if the simple mechanics of "Chopsticks" elude you, it's still possible to lead a normal life. And one way to experience the rush of playing a concerto without actually touching the keys is to combine the music with other physical activites, such as working out. (Of course, for pianists, playing can be a workout in and of itself.)

A word of caution: If you think exercise consists of sitting on the couch squeezing a stress ball, then this workout mix isn't for you. If you have high blood pressure, then you should listen with care. In fact, if you have any history of coronary disease in your family, you probably shouldn't listen at all.

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Ashalen Sims