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New Mix: Paul Simon, The Decemberists, John Vanderslice, And More

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This week we take a listen to some unexpected new recordings from some of our favorite artists. Whether they're pushing themselves to explore new ideas, deconstructing the traditional song structure, or growing and changing over a long period of time, all of the bands and artists this week took us by surprise.

We check out a brand new song from Paul Simon called "Getting Ready For Christmas." (But don't let the name fool you. It's nothing close to a traditional holiday tune). We preview lushly orchestrated new music from John Vanderslice, and The Decemberists get back to basics on the band's new album The King Is Dead. Also on the show: Yann Tiersen (the man responsible for the Amélie soundtrack), electronic wonders from the one-man band Baths, and some fantastic pop-rock fun from the group Gospel Claws.

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