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Dancing On The Border: New Songs From Brazil, Peru, Mexico and More

Italian rapper Jovanotti
Stefano Ghidini
Italian rapper Jovanotti

One thing I love about Alt.Latino is the creative license we have to play records representing every corner of the Latin world, from as many different genres and eras as we please. No one has said, "You must only play tropical songs!" "Nothing but rock 'n' roll!" Which is great, because those are unreasonable boxes in which to place a music show, especially when it comes to something as eclectic as Latin music and culture.

This week's show is an excellent example of how great it is to have so much leg room. We dust off amazing Brazilian rock 'n' roll records, discover avant-garde Mexican melancholy music, spin great Colombian remixes and pay tribute to one of my favorite rappers, Italy's Jovanotti.

In other words, we've got a lot of great tunes for you this week, so take a seat, loosen your belt and prepare for a delicious seven-course musical feast.


Una de las cosas que más me encanta de NPR no es solo producir Alt.Latino una vez por semana sino que además la libertad creativa que tenemos para tocar música de todas nuestros países- y para cubrir todos los géneros que se nos antojen. Por suerte, nuestros supervisores jamás nos han dicho, "¡Dedíquense a la música tropical!" o "¡Ni se les ocurra tocar algo que no sea rock!" menos mal! Claro, sería absurdo intentar poner parámetros estrictos a un show musical, especialmente si estamos hablando de algo tan variado como la música y cultura Latina.

Esta semana tenemos un show que ilustra mi argumento. Desenterramos algunos discos antiguos de rock brasileño, descubrimos una nueva banda mexicana, tenemos unos excelentes remixes de Colombia, y un tributo a uno de mis raperos favoritos, el italiano Jovanotti.

Tenemos un montón de buena música para deleitar tus oídos, así que siéntate, y desabróchate el cinturón: ¡te hemos preparado una espectacular cena musical de 7 platos!

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Jasmine Garsd
Jasmine Garsd is an Argentine-American journalist living in New York. She is currently NPR's Criminal Justice correspondent and the host of The Last Cup. She started her career as the co-host of Alt.Latino, an NPR show about Latin music. Throughout her reporting career she's focused extensively on women's issues and immigrant communities in America. She's currently writing a book of stories about women she's met throughout her travels.