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Step into Maria Fabrizio's Wordless Workspace

Maria Fabrizio is the creator of <em>Wordless News</em>.
Holly Graciano
Maria Fabrizio is the creator of Wordless News.

Some people do the most delightful things, just because. One such person is Maria Fabrizio, the creative mind behind the awesome project Wordless News.

At 4:45 am each weekday, Maria rises and begins her morning ritual: illustrating the news. With Pantone 337c mug in hand (that's Duck Egg Blue, for the non-designers), she scans headlines and stories until inspiration strikes — then gets to work on visually capturing elements of the story, which she posts on her blog. All before the regular working day begins. Just because.

It is so delightful, in fact, that Maria recently caught the attention of SCETV, who passed her project along to the Morning Edition Team. And here we are now: Each day of this week she's illustarting one headline that inspires her imagination. If you haven't seen them already, they are spectacular.

She invited us to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into her South Carolina studio and see where the magic happens. Enjoy!

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