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Viking's Choice: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Lose The Flute Solo

Blood Ceremony.
Matthew R. Manna
Courtesy of the artist
Blood Ceremony.

A great cover song can read between the lines, offer an unexpected twist or completely re-contextualize meaning. But sometimes the best covers don't fuss with lush arrangements, altered melodies or — ugh — ukuleles. After all, you can't improve upon a great riff, right?

For the B-side of a new 7", Blood Ceremony tackles a once-lost gem by '70s Scottish hard rockers Iron Claw and thankfully doesn't change much, right down to the flute solo. Iron Claw recorded the fuzzed-out rocker in 1971, but due to band shake-ups and breakups, people didn't hear "Loving You" until a German bootleg CD collected the botched sessions in 1996. (Rockadrome has since officially released Iron Claw's complete recordings.)

The fringe-jacketed members of Blood Ceremony know a thing or two about bluesy, psychedelic hard rock, having three solid albums under their belts. The Toronto-based band's version of "Loving You" beefs up the low end and loses the primitively honked sax in favor of Laura Bates' fiery violin. Alia O'Brien channels Wullie Davidson's snotty delivery into her own soulful voice, before letting loose into her pounding (yes, pounding) flute solo in the final minute's boogie.

The "Let It Come Down" b/w "Loving You" 7" comes out June 24 on Rise Above Records. And here's the original, in case you haven't heard it.

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