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Have a Beer with Jesse Thorn

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Bullseye / Emilie Erskine

Do you love Bullseye with Jesse Thorn as much as we do? Well then, we have awesome news.

NOW YOU CAN ATTEND LIVE TAPING OF THE SHOW (yes, we think that's worthy of all caps). Watch Jesse himself make radio magic on stage at the incredible Masonic Lodge at the Hollywood Cemetery in Los Angeles on October 15th. Special guests include Dan Harmon, Sara Watkins, Steve Agee, Andy Kindler, and more. Tickets are only 20 bucks.

Still not fully convinced?

YOU CAN HAVE A FREE BEER WITH JESSE AFTER THE SHOW. Seriously. Meet Jesse over a cold one at the Generation Listen Post-Show Meet & Greet in the room right next to the show.

And you'll be part of the kick-off to MaxFunWeek, celebrating everything awesome.

Grab your ticket to the show, and we'll see you there.

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Joanna Pawlowska