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Song Premiere: Fairground Saints, 'Turn This Car Around'

Folk-pop trio Fairground Saints.
Courtesy of the artist

There's something particularly delicious about fightin' words sung sugar sweet. Fairground Saints, a newly formed Los Angeles trio, strikes the balance delectably on their latest song, "Turn This Car Around," an argument between lovers sung in call-and-response, then meeting in high folk-pop harmony. Band members Mason Van Valin, Elijah Edwards and Megan McAllister pooled relationship woes to write the track, making each side of the story sound fully formed and lived-in — a courtesy not always extended to both parties in a breakup song.

This early in their career, Fairground Saints could lean into their bluegrass twang and end up a poppier Nickel Creek, or they could land fully in those radio-friendly vocals and Top 40 choruses and rival Lady Antebellum or Lennon & Maisy. In the meantime, the blend they've got now is charming, with a kick.

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Katie Presley