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New Music To Kick Off Your 2018

Spanglish Fly, one of the bands featured in this week's show
Courtesy of the Artist
Spanglish Fly, one of the bands featured in this week's show

There is an old school journalism truism that says "a good reporter is only as good as their sources." The same holds true for what we do here at Alt.Latino.

I rely on publicists, indie label owners, artists, friends of artists and our listeners to help me keep my ear to the ground for the latest, coolest sounds out there. From the tip of South America to the sometimes chilly climes of Canada, I get tips, audio files, emails and even snail mail with music that continually blows my mind.

That's why these New Music shows are such a gas to share. This week we move from Uruaguan indie rock to Cuban jazz piano, weave in some stunning First Nation collaborations, and get to some sultry soul that continually makes me feel young again.

We have featured some of these tracks on the blog over the last few weeks — Hector Guerrra and Akawui, Kali Uchis and Latin Bitman all have been covered, and they sound even better when they segue in between the other new tracks as a playlist.

There is a wide world of music for just about every taste out there and thanks to you all, I can share as much as I can here on Alt.Latino.


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Felix Contreras
Felix Contreras is co-creator and co-host of Alt.Latino, NPR's pioneering radio show and podcast celebrating Latin music and culture since 2010.