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New Mix: Rhye, Quinn Christopherson, Tōth, Another Sky, Ari Roar, More

Clockwise from the top: Another Sky, Quinn Christopherson, cover art for Rhye's <em>Spirit</em>, Marika Hackman
Courtesy of the artists
Clockwise from the top: Another Sky, Quinn Christopherson, cover art for Rhye's Spirit, Marika Hackman

Rhye has built its reputation on crooning, soft-focus love ballads. But on the band's latest release, Spirit, singer Mike Milosh offers something unexpected: a set of downcast, solo piano instrumentals. On this week's All Songs Considered we hear the stark and beautifully gloomy cut "Malibu Nights."

Also on the show: A powerful examination of male privilege from our Tiny Desk contest winner Quinn Christopherson; Tōth frontman Alex Toth attempts to recover from a heartbreaking loss with some simple advice: "Practice magic and seek professional help when necessary." Meanwhile, singer Ari Roar deals with his own demons by letting out his anger in breezy, psych-pop reflections.

That plus the idiosyncratic folk of Joanna Sternberg, a meditation on the ways we gaslight ourselves from Marika Hackman and an ode to the Millennial "generation's unique position of facing extinction" from the London-based band Another Sky.

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Robin Hilton
Robin Hilton is the Senior Podcast Producer for NPR Music and hosts the New Music Friday episodes of All Songs Considered. He is also a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose original scores have appeared in podcasts, films, radio programs and other works. He arranged and performed the theme for NPR's Weekend All Things Considered and composed and performed its elections coverage theme. You can hear more of his music here.