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Anupam Jena: What Are Some Less Obvious Ways COVID-19 Could Change Our Lives?

Part 4 of the TED Radio Hour episode Inoculation

About Anupam Jena's TED Talk:

Anupam Jena has made a practice of looking at big data and natural experiments to ask questions others overlook. He describes how the COVID-19 pandemic could have several unexpected consequences.

About Anupam Jena:

Anupam Jena is an Associate Professor of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School and a physician in the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also a faculty research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

In 2007, Jena was awarded the Eugene Garfield Award by Research America for his work demonstrating the economic value of medical innovation in HIV/AIDS. In 2013, he received the NIH Director's Early Independence Award to fund research on the physician determinants of health care spending, quality, and patient outcomes. In 2015, he was awarded the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) New Investigator Award. From 2014-15, Jena served as a member of the Institute of Medicine Committee on Diagnostic Errors in Health Care.

Jena graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with majors in biology and economics. He received his MD and PhD in Economics from the University of Chicago.

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