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King Krule, 'Our Vacuum'

Archy Marshall, an artist once synonymous with misery and teen angst, has perhaps mellowed out a bit. Now 28 and a father, the U.K. musician's recent output as King Krule still thrums with its signature jazzy dissonance and mangy punk snarl. But things feel airier than ever before on this month's Space Heavy.

"Our Vacuum" is placid, but deceptively vulnerable. The understated track is carried by just a muted guitar riff and Marshall's deep vocals. "From our thoughts far away / I leave, I don't stay / But the space between us is dark / In the cage of your heart," he half-sings on the first verse. The melodrama that defined King Krule's early work has been refinished in a lullaby-like hue.

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Ted Davis