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Treye Green joins NPR's Morning Edition as Digital Manager

Treye Green
Courtesy of Treye Green

In a note to newsroom staff, Erika Aguilar, Executive Producer of Morning Edition & Up First, made the following announcement:

I'm excited to announce a new member of the Morning Edition team. Please meet Treye Green! He will be ME's new digital manager.
As a supervising editor focused on digital, Treye will work on creating a workflow for us so we're consistently creating content for NPR digital platforms. He'll also be tasked with training and leveling up our writing and digital production efforts, and ultimately developing a strategy for reaching new digital platforms and audiences including video. Treye will report to me and will work closely with the Assignments Editor and Deputy Executive Producer at Morning Edition.
What drew me to Treye is his experience with social media and video, his team-building personality, and his enthusiasm and belief in the mission of public media service journalism. And that's going to be very important as we head into the 2024 election coverage season.
Treye Green has explored his love of storytelling through digital, print editorial, broadcasting, and videography. He's worked in digital newsrooms as an editorial director, editor, and reporter at The New York Times, BuzzFeed, OK! Magazine, and Group Nine Media. And his entertainment and culture writing has appeared on outlets like Allure, The Guardian, NBC News, and Good Morning America. Treye is originally from North Carolina and enjoys writing poetry and working on his latest collage art pieces. He's also an avid R&B music lover.
Treye wants you to know that he is very excited about working to expand Morning Edition's digital strategy to amplify the reach of the engaging journalism coming from Morning Edition each day.
His official editorial duties will begin on August 28. Thanks for showing him a big welcome to NPR.

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