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Happy Valentine's Day from NPR

Happy Valentine's Day! It's the sweetest day of the year. Now, we understand that some years, we have a Valentine and some, we don't. But do not fret, because today, we are your Valentine, and you are ours. So here are some digital cards, we wanted to share from our hearts, to yours.

From Bobby Carter, Senior Tiny Desk Producer:

Happy Valentine's Day from Ramtin Arablouei, Co Host of Throughline:

Happy Valentine's Day from Brittany Luse, Host of It's Been A Minute

Happy Valentine's Day from Ailsa Chang, Co Host of All Things Considered

Happy Valentine's Day from Tonya Mosley, Co Host of Fresh Air

From Michel Martin, Co Host of Morning Edition

Overall, we just want to sent out a heartfelt thank you for supporting public radio! We love each and every one of you!

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Sommer Hill
Sommer Hill (she/her) is the social media senior associate for NPR Extra. She started with NPR in May 2021. Her primary responsibilities include managing the social media accounts for NPR Extra, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok, as well as managing the NPR Extra blog.