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Tiny Desk Contest Fan Favorite: nobigdyl.

Last week, we asked fans what their favorite entry from this year's Tiny Desk Contest was — and 10,000 of you voted. We're excited to share that the winner of our Fan Favorite vote is "Go With The Ghost" by nobigdyl.! The band, which is based in Murfreesboro, Tenn., is Dylan Phillips (vocalist), Court Clement (guitarist), EJ Ford (keyboard player), Anton Nesbitt (bassist) and Derrek Phillips (drummer). This is their first year submitting to the Contest.

The fans loved nobigdyl.'s entry — and so did this year's Contest judges. In the second episode of Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf, Tiny Desk alum and judge Durand Bernarr selected "Go With The Ghost" as one of his favorite entries. Bernarr talked with Tiny Desk series producer and host Bobby Carter about "the groove" and "catchiness" of the entry, noting that even though Dylan Phillips doesn't move from his desk in the video, "I was captivated — and that's what I'm always looking for."

Carter also complimented nobigdyl.'s lyrics. "He's talking about the choice between giving yourself away to your vices or really making a change," Carter shared. "He's really going deep." Here's what nobigdyl. has to share about the entry:

I wrote "Go With The Ghost" from a place of surrender. Knowing that the life that I wanted to live would cost me the life I was living. There was a moment where I knew I had to give myself over to my vices or submit to the hard work of trusting God and thus, healing. This song is about that moment and the moments after. It's a song that I hope resonates with anyone on a journey of hearing and choosing God's voice.

Congratulations to nobigdyl. and all of this year's Top Shelf artists! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for when we announce this year's Contest winner: the artist, selected by the judges, who will play their own Tiny Desk concert and headline our Tiny Desk Contest On The Road tour this summer.

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