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Too $hort: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

NPR Music's Tiny Desk series will celebrate Black History Month with Tiny Desk (home) concerts featuring legends in the world of R&B, jazz, gospel, and hip-hop. Each artist in this legacy lineup has helped to define Black music as we know it and will be performing a Tiny Desk concert for the first time.

In his Tiny Desk (home) concert, Too $hort asks: "How many artists you know that got relevant records in five decades?" The Oakland rapper answers by performing seven songs from his own discography, showcasing his extensive (yet still underrated) contributions to the growth of hip-hop on the West Coast. The expedition opens on a quiet, reflective note with a performance of $hort's influential 1990 single "The Ghetto" before roaring to life with 1988's "Life Is... Too $hort." From his spot in downtown LA, BoomBox Studios, $hort delivers a dynamic, funk-laden performance, seamlessly cycling through scenes of women-chasing debauchery and politically-minded meditation.

Of course, Too $hort's set list shows off the development of his sound, but it also underscores hip-hop's evolution from a socially polarizing genre to a touchstone of cultural capital. Combined with an enthralling presence of persona, $hort's jaw-dropping lyrics and minimal delivery influenced West Coast peers, like Snoop Dogg and Lil B, and beyond, like Lil Jon and UGK; his career, one of moving cassettes with local independent success to moving multiple platinum albums with national acclaim, established the Bay Area as a credible rapping hotspot, pushing the boundaries of hip-hop. Too $hort honors this history by shouting out his many collaborators over the years and sharing his legacy as a hip-hop titan with a spirited group of musicians – notably Curtis Crump Jr. and Techdizzle who steal the show with, respectively, their sax and drum work on "Gettin' It" and "Blow The Whistle." It's a monumental moment for the Tiny Desk, and for those wondering, there's more than enough of Too $hort's favorite word to celebrate with.


  • "The Ghetto"
  • "Life Is ...Too $hort"
  • "Gettin' It"
  • "Blow the Whistle"
  • "Ain't My Girlfriend"
  • "Big Sexy Thang"
  • "Big Subwoofer"

  • Too $hort: vocals
  • Robert L. Mitchell "Techdizzle": music director / drums
  • Curtis Crump Jr.: keys
  • Frank Abraham: bass
  • Ash Jangda: guitar
  • Maurice Smith: vocals

  • Recording Engineer: Migui Maloles
  • Monitor Engineer: Mateo Rodriguez
  • Mixing Engineer: Zach "Ekzakt" Perry
  • Directed By: Patrick "Embryo" Tapu
  • Camera Operator: Bryan Ramos and Robert Teegarden
  • Editor: Bryan Ramos
  • Coloring: Bryan Ramos
  • Gaffer: Mike Nelli
  • Grip: Jeremy Kemp

  • Producer: Abby O'Neill
  • Video Producer: Joshua Bryant
  • Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
  • Tiny Production Team: Bobby Carter, Kara Frame, Maia Stern, Ashley Pointer, Sofie Hernandez-Simeonidis
  • Executive Producer: Keith Jenkins
  • Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann
  • Copyright 2024 NPR. To see more, visit

    LaTesha Harris
    LaTesha Harris is NPR Music's editorial assistant. A relentless jack-of-all-trades, she takes turns writing, editing and producing music coverage. Invested in the culture behind pop, hip-hop and R&B, her work highlights the intersection between identity and history. Once in a blue moon, Harris moonlights as a talking head with no filter.