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Lawyer and presidential historian weighs in the significance of Trump's indictment

NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with lawyer and presidential historian Tim Naftali about the significance of Trump's latest indictment for his role in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Alejandra Marquez Janse
Alejandra Marquez Janse is a producer for NPR's evening news program All Things Considered. She was part of a team that traveled to Uvalde, Texas, months after the mass shooting at Robb Elementary to cover its impact on the community. She also helped script and produce NPR's first bilingual special coverage of the State of the Union – broadcast in Spanish and English.
Ailsa Chang
Ailsa Chang is an award-winning journalist who hosts All Things Considered along with Ari Shapiro, Audie Cornish, and Mary Louise Kelly. She landed in public radio after practicing law for a few years.