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Becky Sullivan joins the National Desk as a Sports Correspondent

In a note to newsroom staff, Russell Lewis, Deputy National Editor, Ammad Omar, Chief National Editor and Catherine Laidlaw, Deputy National Editor, made the following announcement:

 Becky Sullivan in Ukraine
Becky Sullivan in Ukraine

Hi all- We’re thrilled to announce that Becky Sullivan is joining the National Desk as a sports correspondent. 

Becky has worked at NPR for 12 years. She started as an Arts Desk intern, worked the weekend shows, spent many years as a producer on All Things Considered and, most recently, has been a digital reporter on the Newshub. She’s a Pulitzer finalist, a Murrow winner, and reported/produced from Israel/Gaza/West Bank, Ukraine, Haiti, Afghanistan, Japan, Colombia, Iran, North Korea and lots of other places too. 

She’s nimble and fast, both for online and on-air, exceptionally curious and filled to the brim with story ideas. Becky is also creative. Just listen to this lovely postcard she crafted after the bizarre end to game 1 in the 2018 NBA finals. She’s done live two-ways, reported sound-rich pieces, written quick turns for Newscast and digital, and she brings digital stories to life using visuals and graphics. And, finally, those who know Becky, know that she loves sports. A native of Kansas City, she pledges to set aside her devotion to the Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas City Chiefs/Royals and will report fairly on all teams and trends in the sporting world. 

Becky will start her new role on June 3 and will work with Russell Lewis who has been the network’s sports editor since 2017. 

Ammad, Catherine and Russell

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Russell Lewis
As NPR's Southern Bureau chief, Russell Lewis covers issues and people of the Southeast for NPR — from Florida to Virginia to Texas, including West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. His work brings context and dimension to issues ranging from immigration, transportation, and oil and gas drilling for NPR listeners across the nation and around the world.
Ammad Omar
Ammad Omar is the Chief National Editor for NPR News. He oversees a desk of nearly 50 journalists, based in bureaus across the country. National Desk correspondents cover breaking news and a broad range of topics, including criminal justice, immigration, national security, housing, state government and sports, among many others. The desk also works closely with hundreds of journalists across NPR's Member station network nationwide.
Catherine Laidlaw
Catherine Laidlaw is the deputy chief of NPR's National Desk. Based in Washington, D.C., she oversees the desk's daily and long-term news-gathering operations for audio and digital platforms, working with journalists in bureaus across the U.S. The desk also works closely with hundreds of journalists across NPR's nationwide network of Member stations.